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Unique thinkers, creative planners

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A man in a tuxedo on stage at a wedding
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We offer end-to-end management to ensure the best service possible.

Over 30 years of experience in parties, weddings & destination events

Raj Somaiya
Raj Somaiya
Global planner and CEO

Mr. Fox

Raj Somaiya is an industry leader with an innovative flair. He has a passion for creating avant-garde occasions rooted in genuine longstanding success and experience.

Under his guidance, Silverfox truly embodies the guest experience, as professional creators and entertainers.

Sheetal Somaiya
Sheetal Somaiya
Creative director

Mrs. Fox

Sheetal Somaiya boasts an extensive background in PR and marketing and prides herself on her quirky attitude and unconventional approach.

Her passion is in the creative side of the events at Silverfox, finding inspiration in every person she meets.

With the help of Sheetal and her innovative thinking, Silverfox truly delivers out of this world experiences to every client.